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Business Therapy


Just as Therapist help people live more productive lives, a PROJECT40 Business Consultant will assist you in building a more successful brand. A typical Business Therapy session will include a professional review of your current business & marketing goals & strategies.

Business Therapy helps to define what you stand for, what you promise and what sets you apart.

Chaos Control


Life gets hectic at times, and so does your business activity.  PROJECT40 offers pro tempore Project Management services to assist businesses navigate and elevate from chaotic moments. 

Need help with repositioning your brand or managing organizational change to better serve your customers post COVID-19?  Thinking about utilizing blockchain technology or entering the metaverse?


Chaos Control helps you select the right projects - those with strategic alignment that make the best use of your time, talent, and budget - and do them right. 

Idea Production


Do you already know what you would like to say to your customers, but need help in producing your idea?  A  PROJECT40 Creative Consultant will work with you to create the visual design of your brand and produce ideas engaging to your customers.

Our Capabilities:

SEO Optimized Website Design

Information Graphs

Explainer Videos

Graphic Design

  • Logo Creation

  • Business Stationary

  • Web Design

  • Social Media Grapics

  • Product Packaging

Experience Design


At PROJECT40, we don't just plan events, we design experiences that will convert your customers into Social Sirens for your brand. We specialize in marketing events that generate positive ROI for you, and meaningful experiences for your customers. Events may be the commencement or culmination to an online marketing campaign, but will always be goal-focused stylish, and experientially worthwhile.


Our Event Specialists will design opportunities for your customers to experience your brand including Conference & Tradeshow support and management.

Project Management
Creative Services
Event Management
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