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PROJECT40 Consulting is a brand strategy firm specializing in project management and marketing services.  We assist entrepreneurs with projects both large and small, whose success depends on effective brand strategy and stellar project management.  Our goal is to help small business entrepreneurs and start-ups better define their business strategies and improve their relationship with their customer by identifying opportunities for growth and customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to serve as an agent of change for small business entrepreneurs by guiding them through the process of strategic improvement.  We strive to enable our client’s success through industry expertise, technological innovations, and a commitment to excellence while delivering value to all stakeholders. 


We are a team of Planners, Designers and Doers located in Southern California.

Candice Shubbie has been working her marketing magic across a wide range of business categories since 1998.  Through her personally-coined process of Business Therapy, Chaos Control, and Experience Design, Candice brings her vast brand category knowledge, as well as her experience in both the private and public sectors to PROJECT40 Consulting.  Her clever strategies create custom solutions for small brands that provide huge results!

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Candice Shubbie, MBA, PMP

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3400 Inland Empire Blvd

Suite 101
Ontario, CA 91764

Tel:  909.757.5715

Fax: 909.757.5716

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